Thursday, April 06, 2006

All postings-Phase III-Post-Therapy

Please find below an up to date (as of 04/06/2006) list of all current postings for Phase III-Post-Therapy - Progress and challenges transitioning to the real world.
11/8/2005Transfer-Wk 1,Tues.-Fitting practice into my life
11/11/2005Transfer-Wk 1,Fri.-Few speaking opportunities
11/17/2005Transfer-Wk 2, Thurs-Demosthenes Society, Follow up, & Toastmasters
11/23/2005Transfer-Wk 3,Wed.-Toastmasters Best Table Topics Ribbon
12/4/2005Transfer-Wk 5,Sun.-PFSP Refresher
12/7/2005Transfer-Wk 5,Tues.-After therapy video
12/8/2005Transfer-Wk 5,Thurs.-First Toastmasters speech
12/16/2005Transfer-Wk 6,Fri.-Entropy
12/22/2005Transfer-Wk 7,Thurs.-Control
12/29/2005Transfer-Wk 8,Fri.-Entrophy & My Solution
1/2/2006Transfer-Wk 9,Mon.-Structured Transfers
1/3/2006Transfer-Wk 9,Tues.-Fluency Resolutions
1/4/2006Transfer-Wk 9,Wed.-Video; discussing maintenance
1/16/2006Still alive
1/19/2006Transfer-Wk 11,Thurs.-Word Switching
1/24/2006Transfer-Wk 12,Tues.-Phone transfers delivered
1/26/2006Transfer-Wk 12,Wed.-Another Toastmasters Ribbon
1/31/2006Transfer-Wk 13,Tues.-Drive through resolution
2/2/2006FYI: Free stutter devices for Florida kids
2/2/2006Transfer-Wk 13,Thurs.-Drive through-2nd attempt
2/3/2006PFSP in the United States
2/10/2006Transfer-Wk 14,Fri.-Daily practice
2/12/2006Transfer-Wk 14,Sat-Demosthenes Society
2/13/2006Transfer-Wk 15,Mon-Almost as good as a drive thru
2/13/2006Transfer-Wk 15,Mon-Web Statistics
2/14/2006Transfer-Wk 15,Tues-Drive thru #3
2/16/2006Transfer-Wk 15,Thurs-Telemarketer
2/17/2006Transfer-Wk 15,Wed.-Toastmasters speech contest
2/19/2006Transfer-Wk 15,Sun-Eleven Timbits
2/20/2006FYI: 13 Observations about people who stutter
2/23/2006Transfer-Wk 16,Fri.-It's not just us
2/23/2006Transfer-Wk 16,Thurs.-Maslow's hierarchy of needs
3/1/2006Transfer-Wk 17,Wed.-Too busy to talk
3/10/2006Transfer-Wk 18,Fri.-Therapeutic blogging
3/17/2006Transfer-Wk 19,Fri.-Third Toastmasters speech
3/24/2006Busy-News links on sidebar
3/31/2006Transfer-Wk 21,Fri.-Missing a key component
4/5/2006Transfer-Wk 22,Wed.-Parkinson's Law wreaking havoc

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


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