Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Transfer-Wk 9,Tues.-Fluency Resolutions

Last stuttered on 01/03/060 days since last stutter
0 times through drive through5 days since missing shaping
0 days since missing review2 structured phone calls made
1 speeches made0 sales calls made
7 conversations initiated 

Admitting you make New Years Resolutions appears, to me at least, to be highly out of vogue. There are many criticisms, including; nobody keeps their resolutions, why wait for New Years to improve yourself, they just don’t work, etc …

While the annual goal setting may seem passé, I see the change of calendar year as a good point of reference to measure progress. The New Year approaching is also a good reminder to do something about personal weaknesses.

In my humble opinion, many people don’t keep their New Years resolutions for the same reason I can’t seem to maintain my fluency, even after my obviously effective therapy; A total lack of self-discipline.

But you can’t stop trying. I made a resolution 15 years ago, to stop a disgusting, 9 year, chain-smoking habit … it lasted 3 days. It was another failed attempt within a prolonged series. But on January 6th, I tried again, and haven’t had a cigarette since. You’ve got to keep trying till you nail it.

Below are some goals I’ve set for myself with regards to my stuttering. Most will seem pretty lame to any non-stutterer, probably even most stutterers, but I can assure you, they are all beyond my comfort zone. However, by the time this blog is finished, I plan to accomplish things many non-stutterers would find challenging.

Jan-10Go a full day without stuttering
Jan-15Go 2 days in a row without stuttering
Jan-31Order something in a drive through
Feb-15Go 7 days without stuttering
Feb-28Put my phone number on my professional website
Feb-28Start phoning clients at least once a month
Feb-28Start advertising my business (invite new clients to contact me)
Mar-31Start making follow up calls regarding my advertising
Mar-31Make 700 phone transfer
Mar-31Make 100 face-face transfers
Apr-30Make a speech in front of potential clients
Jun-30Earn my Competent Toastmaster (CTM) designation
Oct-01Join a local Toastmasters for IT Professionals. If none exist, start one.
Nov-01Make a serious contribution in International Stuttering Awareness Day. If there are no events; initiate something
Nov-01Go 60 days without stuttering by end of my blog

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


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