Sunday, February 12, 2006

Transfer-Wk 14,Sat-Demosthenes Society

This morning I attended the February Demosthenes Society meeting, where we practiced the skills learnt in therapy. The meeting went fine. I had the opportunity to both practice my targets verbally, and focus on other member’s execution of their skills.

One thing that really caught my attention today however, were the members executing targets “less than optimally”. Some were stuttering pretty badly. Although my own stutter was comparable, if not worse, before my therapy, I felt light years ahead in my own fluency.

Even though, I’ve spent the last few months feeling like my control is sliding, I think I’ve almost forgotten where I was just 6 months ago, before my therapy. From a progress point of view, I suppose it would be appropriate to interpret this as a good thing.

At the end of the meeting, another member commented on my blog. So that was cool. And the webmaster asked me to send the URL, so other members may soon be exposed to my observations and insights.

What?? ‘Insights’ is too strong a word? … and slightly arrogant you say? … ok … how about ‘possibly-misguided ramblings’. ;-)

As a side note, there is a web development scripting technology called P.H.P.. Lately, I’ve noticed whenever I say this phrase, I get stuck on the last ‘P’. I’m thinking that since the ‘H’ ends with a ‘ch’ sound, I may be using too much air on it. So when I get to the final ‘P’, my lungs are empty. This theory is supported by the fact that saying PHP with a full diaphragmatic breath does not cause a problem. I will ask Lori, my therapist, when I see here on Wednesday.

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


At Sunday, February 12, 2006 7:06:00 AM, Blogger MarvThroneberryII said...

Would like to see the data of qualified speech therapists sucess rates with PWSers, myself. Not that I am knocking therapy at all, just that I'm curious. Also, how many PWSers become dependent on therapy/therapist for progress?

At Sunday, February 12, 2006 10:51:00 AM, Blogger John MacIntyre said...

Well, I can say this, any progress I've ever made without a therapist has only been a temporary gimmick. These gimmicks often led to the derivative behaviours which cause 90% of my grief.

I don't necessarilly see my inability to progress without therapy as a bad thing though. I feel that getting the help of a trained professional is the prudent path.

Then, after therapy, it's up to me to maintain the progress made in therapy.

At Monday, February 13, 2006 7:09:00 AM, Blogger MarvThroneberryII said...

Yup, constant maintenance is the touchstone, like anything else. Those "gimmicks" are indeed transitory - what I usually rely on. Pretty much tried them all and often I feel like a baseball pitcher when I am engaged in coversation with my fellow humans:

1. Fastball - smoking heat which is changing the accent of my voice. I can blaze through the lineup at least once on a good outing. Cruising along with gooseeggs then the batters get the 'book' on me, arm gets tired, and have to mix it up...

2. hard slider - 'going Italian' I call it which is letting my hands "talk" for me.

3. curve - looking away from the human, clearing the throat and resume speaking. However the umpire has more than once called me for a balk with this pitch( even if fluent, 'not making eye-contact' is held aginst a person more, sometimes.)

4. Change-up - keep this one compartmentalized for late innings; it's a junkball combo of #3 and speaking rapid fire which only works in certain pitch counts with certain batters. Then they start making contact with- " Huh? Whadja say?"- and time to hit the showers...

Thought about expanding my pitches with my Game, but with so many, how can one reach the strike zone consistently?

Verily need a good pitching coach(therapist);-)

At Monday, February 13, 2006 7:16:00 AM, Blogger MarvThroneberryII said...

Didn't mean to triple- post that above comment. Computer slow today or something...

At Monday, February 13, 2006 7:31:00 AM, Blogger John MacIntyre said...

... no problem .. I removed them.

That was a great comment. I didn't mind reading it 3 times anyways. ;-)


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