Thursday, January 26, 2006

Transfer-Wk 12,Wed.-Another Toastmasters Ribbon

My second Best Table Topics ribbon … cool eh?

I stumbled several times at Toastmasters this evening, but each time was able to regain my fluency. To be honest though, my control was less than optimal.

In tonight’s meeting, we were given some literature which included a questionnaire for the VP of Education. The questionnaire basically asked what our expectations and goals were within Toastmasters.

To be honest, my goals at Toastmasters are really just an extension of my goals in speech therapy. I want to be fluent. I want to maintain the skills learned in therapy. I want to be challenged … and public speaking is definitely a challenge for somebody with Persistent Developmental Stuttering.

I would also like to give talks to local businesses about database and software development. Maybe even do some workshops or something.

But that’s really it. I’ve never really thought too much about my expectations and goals within Toastmasters beyond that.

It has occurred to me that combining public speaking with my interest in personal development (great site), and now writing, could easily launch me into a “Motivational Speaker” role. When you combine the fact that I’m publicly challenging, and planning to conquer a seemingly insurmountable obstacle (stuttering); I suppose I might even be easy to market. But, after a 20 minute mental walk down that path, I realize; it’s not for me.

However, one possibly, highly beneficial goal may be to start a Toastmasters Club for IT people in Mississauga. There doesn’t appear to be any in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but I believe this would be highly advantageous to its members, and might be quite popular.

I mentioned this in my Fluency Resolutions, but after this evening, I think I should start pursuing this immediately. Although, I should start immediately, it may take me a year to get into a position where I can start a club.

In my conversation this evening, it appears as though signing up for more than one speech per month may be pushing club etiquette. So there just isn’t enough time to complete all the speeches I would have to do. I believe a minimum 6 months as a club officer is required … so I would have to become a club officer quickly in order to get the experience. (I’m expecting a baby soon, so not too quickly.)

Volunteering for roles each week is also something I’m doing to get as many speaking opportunities as possible.

Coming back to my Fluency Resolutions, you may notice my stats are no longer on the top of each post. This is due to the self destruction of my laptop a couple weeks ago. I will be starting the stats again soon, but I did lose the stats I had, so I’ll be starting pretty much from scratch.

There was also a bit of a delay in my maintenance last week when I dropped my stop watch. I spent a couple days trying to find somebody who would fix it without sending it away for a week. Somebody actually fixed it while they were looking at it, after they told me there was nothing he could do, and didn’t charge me or tell me it was fixed. So I spent another day searching, before somebody else told me it wasn’t broken!

Now I feel guilty for not thanking the guy who fixed it.

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


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