Thursday, April 06, 2006

All postings-Phase II-Therapy

Please find below a list of all postings for Phase II Therapy - My participation in the Precision Fluency Shaping Program.
10/17/2005PFSP-Day 1-Intro and Stretched Syllable
10/18/2005PFSP-Day 2-More Stretched Syllable
10/20/2005PFSP-Day 4-Gentle Onset
10/20/2005PFSP-Day 3-How speech is formed & Full Breath
10/22/2005PFSP-Day 5-Slow Change and Reduced Air Pressure
10/23/2005PFSP Week 1-Frustration
10/23/2005FYI-Day 3 has been updated
10/24/2005PFSP-Day 6-Reduced Articulatory Pressure & 1 Second Stretch
10/25/2005PFSP-Day 7-Homework
10/26/2005PFSP-Day 8-Amplitude Contour & Full Articulatory Movement
10/27/2005PFSP-Day 9-½ Second Stretch
10/29/2005PFSP-Day 10-Slow Normal & Shaping
10/31/2005PFSP-Day 11-Telephone Transfer
11/1/2005PFSP-Day 12-Telephone transfer lows
11/3/2005PFSP-Day 13-Mental garbage and face to face transfer
11/4/2005PFSP-Day 14-Talk about maintenance
11/4/2005PFSP-Day 15-Last day of the program

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


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