Friday, November 04, 2005

PFSP-Day 14-Talk about maintenance

Maintaining our new skills will require 24hr self-monitoring, plus another 90 minutes per day for structured practice. This will be necessary for at least the next year.

Our daily practice will include

  • Shaping – Morning target review.

  • Structured practice – Creating situations to use the targets.

  • Spontaneous practice – Using existing situations as practice sessions.

  • Daily Review – Reviewing our daily hits & misses.

We wound up at the mall again, approaching strangers to initiate speaking opportunities. I am again trying to speak without breathing first, even when I try to self correct, I often panic and use the old pattern. Most of my targets were off in that transfer session.

Speaking of missing my targets, I had a discussion with Lori about why it’s happening. Lori doesn’t feel that I’m being objective, where as I don’t feel that I’ve communicated my thoughts accurately. She might be right though, since objectivity is like sanity and intelligence, in that it’s impossible to tell when it’s missing.

After my course, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow PFSP student from a 2002 class. When he found my blog, and told me that he has been transferring his skills to the world, I asked to meet him.

It was great to meet with him, we have a lot in common, he even shares a passion I alluded to earlier .. financial market analysis. However, we also have exact opposite problem areas; he loses his targets after a few minutes of speaking, I start out rough, but can usually get a grip on them, once I self correct. He also has very strong telephone skills, but feels face-face is a problem area, where as I’m the exact opposite.

But the one thing I really got out of meeting him, is the effort to maintain the skills and transfer them into the real world. However, apparently, once you’ve successfully gotten through a rough situation a few times with your targets, the anxiety caused by those situations quickly dissipate.

Also, it would appear, that the new tonality focus in program which I said is new since 1993, wasn’t even in the program in 2002. I’m very happy it has it now. Lori, always points it out when I start chanting. But maybe it’s just be me, since she knows it’s a very important topic for me.

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


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