Thursday, April 06, 2006

All postings-Phase I-Pre-Therapy

Please find below a list of all postings for Phase I Pre-Therapy - How my speech problem has affected my life.
9/8/2005Welcome to Pebbles Under the Tongue
9/12/2005Transcript - Introduction video
9/19/2005Similar articles on stuttering
9/19/2005Effects upon my family roles
9/22/2005Is stuttering a disability?
9/30/2005Wendell Johnson's "Monster Study"
9/30/2005Career limitations
10/4/2005WARNING-Pre-therapy posts may be negative.
10/4/2005Precision Fluency Shaping Program (PFSP)
10/6/2005As promised the fishing picture
10/7/2005When did I start letting this run my life?
10/10/2005Past Therapy
10/11/2005An exploratory search for a cure gone bad.
10/12/2005Stopwatch & pre-therapy spontaneous fluency
10/14/2005Dealing with the "normals"
10/15/2005Great Quote
10/16/2005Pre-Therapy Wrap-up
10/16/2005The dreaded telephone

Not meant as advice, please find a qualified therapist if you are interested in similar therapy.


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