Monday, August 21, 2006

Transfer-Wk 42,Mon-Excuse lecture & a movie link

Vikesh posted a trailer for a DVD called “Transcending Stuttering: The Inside Story”. I believe the DVD is available from the National Stuttering Association.
Also, I recently saw this advice given on Yahoo Groups. And thought it was a good lecture on fear and excuses. Enjoy ;-)
Consider this...How mant times in the last 10 years-- have you tried to make friends and been rejected--where they said "I don't want to be your friend because you stutter" ?-- How many jobs have you gone for and been told "sorry, we can't hire you w/ that stutter" Consider that it is FEAR of stuttering that is holding you back and not the stuttering itself. The person rejecting you.. is YOU ! You are saying "I can't be his friend,.he won’t like me because I stutter" or "I can't get that job.. I stutter.. I wont even try" Notice -- You are married. You have two kids.. you are a dental assistant.. Do you know how many fluent people never even achieve that ? I know you're thinking "yeah, but.."--but step outside yourself.. Look at yourself objectively.. Most people have a "reason"--a scapegoat-- a fault in their character they blame for not having all they want.. Ours is often stuttering..."I can blame the stutteirng-- I didn't get the job because I stutter.. I don't have friends because I stutter"- -b ut apparenty some people like you and hire you..and you're doing OK in life.. DO you honestly believe if you didn't stutter.. you'd be the most outgoing, super employed person on Earth--that you're perfect in every other way and only stuttering is holding ya back ?
Nah, Diva is holding Diva back : )

From Yahoo Groups-Stuttering Support

PS-Sorry for the recent silence, but I’m still alive …. I’ll try to post more often.

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